What’s the best elliptical Cross Trainer?

How much do you have to spend to find a good machine and what is the best cross trainer to buy, in each price range?

As usual, I have divided a selection of the best cross trainers into groups according to budget, which is where most of us start.

N.B. One point worth bearing in mind – the machines we’re looking at here are pure elliptical cross trainers only, but some of the more popular ones on the market are 2 in 1 cross trainers and exercise bikes, about which there is a separate article. Click here to read the article.

Best Budget Cross Trainer

JLL® CT300 Home Luxury Elliptical Cross Trainer


JLL CT300 Home Luxury Elliptical Cross Trainer

The JLL CT300 supercedes CT200 and is a good value cross trainer.

It has a 5.5Kg flywheel and allows two-way operation where the pedals can rotate in either direction, forwards or backwards. It is reported to be fairly stable. It is likely to be a bit more stable on a harder surface than with the machine standing on carpet.

The CT300 has  both fixed and moving handlebars with foam grips.

It has 8 magnetic resistance levels and is belt-driven, making it quiet in use.

The battery-operated 9-Function LCD display features RPM, Speed, Distance, Time, Temperature, Heart-Rate, Calories, Body Fat & Pulse Recovery,  with the heart-rate data being generated from pulse sensors on the handlebars.

The monitor has a shelf which can be used as a tablet holder.

The Manufacturer’s advised maximum user weight is 100Kg.

It has large non-slip (which I think is more important  than you might imagine) footplates. Users from 5’5” to over 6’2” with up to size 11 shoe size reported no problems.

From the front of the furthest foot pedal to the end of the nearest foot pedal the stride is 60cm.

The JLL CT300 comes with 12 months warranty.

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Best Cross Trainer under £300

Orbus XT7 Sport Elliptical Cross Trainer with Smooth Drive 12kg Flywheel

 The main feature of this machine is its heavy 12kg flywheel which contributes to a very smooth elliptical action. Together with a high gauge tubular steel construction, it has an impressive feeling of solidity and it is very quiet in use. The pedals can rotate in either direction so you can pedal backwards as well as forwards.

The maximum user weight is 120Kg. Some users report that the manual says 150Kg but such manuals can be misleading. The seller says 120Kg, so I would go with that.

It takes quite a long time to assemble, by all accounts, including attachment of a cable from the resistance knob, which implies a physical friction resistance rather than magnetic. But there are 8 levels of resistance  from light to heavy load.

The seller reports the stride length as 13.5in, which is fairly short and implies that it would suit shorter users more than tall ones. However, one 6’2’’ user found it comfortable and chose it “specifically because it takes a bit more weight and more throw than most”.

There are pulse sensors on the handles and Pulse/Heart rate is displayed on the battery operated LCD screen, along with Speed, Distance and Program.

The XT7 is a substantial machine and does not fold.
The assembled dimensions are: (L) 133 x (W) 61 x (H) 165 cm.

Best Cross Trainers under £500

  • 17 programmes – 16 pre-set settings and 1 manual setting.
  • Adjustable magnetic tension will adjust at the touch of a button or according to the selected programme.
  • Hand pulse and body fat sensors on the handlebar
  • Soft grip foam handlebars for the utmost comfort
  • Built in computer to track progress –  monitors and displays;
    • body fat, (theoretical)
    • calories used,
    • hand pulse
    • distance
    • recovery
    • RPM
    • speed and time.
  • I CONSOLE+ compatible – ersonalise your workout on iPad or iPhone or compatible Android device. (see video below) 

Best Cross Trainers between £500 - £1000

  • Computer controlled magnetic brake system
  • 16 levels
  • Includes 26 training programs and 5 HRC programs
  • Display for distance, speed, burnt calories and more
  • Heavy 24 kg flywheel mass
  • integrated heart rate monitor on the handles and the compatibility with a heart rate belt
  • Includes a practical bottle holder.
  • With KINOMAP and Sportstech train with video events, coaching and multi-player mode. App-compatible multimedia console and the practical tablet holder. (See video below)
  • Connect your smart device via Bluetooth and place it on the built-in tablet holder to keep an eye on all the information displayed. Unlimited entertainment during your workout session!
  • Transport wheels, bottle holder
  • Size (assembled): 1570 x 660 x 1670 mm. 
  • Size (delivery): 210 x 435 x 755 mm. 
  • Max. user weight: 120 kg. 

Note: Delivery only to kerbside

There are two Bluefin CURV Elliptical Cross Trainers – the 2.0 and 3.0. The 3.0 is a bit larger, sturdier and more expensive but they are otherwise similar.

Bluefin Fitness CURV 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Bluefin Fitness is a popular brand of home gym equipment. The compact Bluefin Fitness Curv 2.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer is the mid-sized model in the elliptical range.

It comes part assembled. The base unit comes fitted with durable wheels to be transportable around the home when not in use.

Dimensions: 113cm x 151cm x 50cm
Shipping weight: 41Kg
Includes power adaptor.

  • Heavy duty 12kg flywheel & silent drive system benefits from a safe magnetic braking facility that allows you to come to a halt with total ease.
  • 12 x automatic programs + 24 x manual levels of resistance allow you to stroll at pace, or simulate cross-country running & sprinting.
  • Backlit LCD display measures:
    • time
    • distance
    • calories burned
    • pulse rate 
  • The Curv Elliptical range is compatible with the Kinomap fitness app.,  – a similar app to the iConsole mentioned above – featuring thousands of training videos from around the world, coaching & training classes & structured workouts. See video above. 
  • Anti-slip pedals,

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Most features are similar to the 2.0 but it is a more substantial machine at 65 Kg shipping weight.

Dimensions: 162cm x 169cm x 65cm

The slight surprise it that it has only 16 manual resistance levels, compared to the 24 of the 2.0!

However it does have a heavier, 14Kg flywheel.

Like the Curv 2.0, the 3.0 is compatible with Kinomap
See video above..

Best Cross Trainers over £1000

At over £1000, you’re getting serious and can expect high quality machines with some additional features.

he Sportstech LCX800 includes the following:

  • 3 Adjustable step lengths: The setting sizes can be varied between 420mm, 460mm and 500mm.
  • 7-ich display – The LCX800 has an App compatible Android-console (iFitShow+ Kinomap)
    • 12 pre-installed training programs
    • 6 virtual scenery modes.
    • It contains an HRC mode
    • Bluetooth & pulse belt compatible.
    • Display shows speed, time, distance, calories, heart rate, to constant performance and resistance. 
  • As with the CX 640, you can use KINOMAP and Sportstech to train with video events, coaching and multi-player mode. App-compatible multimedia console and the practical tablet holder. (See video below)
  • Double elliptic system: The cross trainer’s high-quality 3-part crank system has double ball bearings.
  • Automatic, 32 stage, magnetic brake system of the ergometer is very quiet.
  • Flywheel mass is 24 kg
  • Max. user weight of 120 kg
  • With the MP3 function of the elliptical trainer you can play your own music. The cross trainer is equipped with a USB connection (32 GB), speaker and headphone connector.

Assembly dimensions: (LxWxH) – 1590 x 660 x 1670mm 

Delivery only to curbside – (no island delivery)
*Note on the streaming function of Kinomap: A Smart TV is required for use.

Two of the brands you’ll see in commercial gym throughout the UK and beyond are Nordic Track and Life Fitness so they are at the top end of what is available.

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 elliptical cross trainer ensures interesting and challenging training choices and adjustments:

  • Resistance: 26 Digital Levels of SMR Silent- Magnetic Resistance with QuickTouch- Console and Handle Controls
  • The 14.9 elliptical comes with a 46cm (18”) – 51cm (20”) power adjustable stride making it suitable for users of different height
  • Power ramp – Quickly adjust the incline of the cross trainer (0-20°) with a single button
  • Robust 15kg (32lbs) flywheel, for smooth running
  • 10” Smart HD touchscreen display to let you check your workout progress and keep track of key statistics
  • Console Feedback: Several Display Modes Available (The Display Mode That You Select Will Determine Which Workout Information is Shown)
  • Comfortable Heart Rate Measurement: EKG CardioGrip- Pulse Grips and Bluetooth Smart Wireless Receiver (Chest Belt Included)
  • Interactivity: iFit Coach Enabled (Comes With a 12-Month Subscription)
  • Programmes + Manual Mode – Access to 50+ Video Workouts and a Daily Updated Map Based Workout; All Programmes, as well as iFit Coach Require a Wi-Fi Based Internet Connection
  • Entertainment: Compatible Music Port for iPod/Mp3, Dual 2-Inch Speakers
  •  Oversized Adjustable Cushioned Pedals
  •  Power Adjustable Stride – Stride Length: 46cm (18”) – 51cm (20”)
  • Tablet Holder
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Cooling Fan: Autobreeze- Workout Fan
  • Dimensions: Length=178cm (70”), Width=73cm (28.7”), Height=177cm (69.6”)
  •  Front-mounted transport wheels
  • Max. User Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs)
  • Product Weight: 98kg (216.7lbs)
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour (Must Register Within 28 Days of Purchase for 2nd Year of Coverage)
Mains powered
 Arrives disassembled in a box. 1-2 hours estimated assembly time.

Life Fitness cross trainer 1

If you can afford it and really want to go the whole hog, The FS4 from Life Fitness may well be the one you’ll want.

[Or if you run a small gym or other fitness facility, looking for a cross trainer which is more compact than a standard commercial cross trainer, this is worth a look. But this is mainly aimed at the home gym user.] 

You’ll have to have somewhere to keep it permanently in place. It’s a good deal more substantial than any of the others, weighing in 350lbs / 159Kg.
No front-mounted transport wheels here!

The good news is that you don’t have to open a box and start building it as it includes free installation.

*(The might not be available during the Covid-19 restrictions).

The base model has a classy walnut finish but there is also a black titanium finish.

As mentioned above, although this is bigger than most home gym cross trainers, it is still more compact than a commercial equivalent with a static length of  50″/ 127cm, extending to 71″ /180cm in use.

The maximum user weight is a whopping 400lbs / 181Kg.


The stride length is a large 22 ins.

The substantial side panels are designed so that you to stand on those and work on your upper body only as an option.

There are also attachment points at the back onto which you can hook resistance bands.

The 7″ LCD screen displays the usual information on time, speed, distance, calories and heart rate (via hand sensors).

It also has bluetooth connectivity

Other info: 
 Step-up high – 10.5″, 27 cm
Unit high – 64.5″ 164 cm

Warranty – 3 Years parts and labour, lifetime frame