Black Friday Fitness Deals, 2018


Black Friday Week 2018 is from the 

16th to the 25th November

Don’t miss it!


Black Friday Deals are Here! – Hooray!

But what exactly is ‘Black Friday’?

Well, as you can imagine, it’s of American origin and all to do with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a commemoration of Harvest Festivals celebrated in the 17th century by the Pilgrim Fathers.
Thanksgiving is a national holiday on which there is a traditional meal, similar to Christmas Dinner in the UK, and is held on the 4th Thursday in November of each year in the USA.

The next day is traditionally regarded as the beginning of the shopping season so the shops open early with lots of bargains, making it the most profitable day of the year for many businesses.

There is an irony in the name. The term originated from the Philadelphia Police Department due to the mayhem and occasional violence that was generated. Even financially, previous ‘Black’ days have historically been bad ones. In 1929, it was a ‘Black Thursday’ which signalled the beginning of the Great Depression and other Black days occurred on big dips on the stock market.

Modern retailers have therefore skewed the meaning of Black to indicate Profit as used by banks, as opposed to Red, meaning deficit.

Due, in part no doubt, to the increase in international consumer trade, the idea of Black Friday Deals has made its way over here, and British companies are smart enough to take advantage of any sales promotion opportunity that can get – especially if they’re competing with US-based companies.

And British shoppers are smart enough to take advantage of any great deals they can get for their Christmas shopping, whether they’re in favour of imported practices or not.

So my advice is – avoid the crowds and the mayhem! Grab a cup of tea or coffee, hit the link above or below and get some great deals while you can!

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY! – Get your Sports and Fitness bargain here

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