The Ionic is the top-of-the-range Fitbit watch.

Fitbit describe it as:
“a motivating timepiece packed with fitness guidance, health insights, music storage, apps and more.”

So what can it do?

Essentially, it’s a fitness based smart watch, like the Blaze but with a couple of extra features,

Features shared with the Blaze watch and Fitbit trackers include:

Continuous tracking with PurePulse® Heart Rate

  • Helps assess the health of your heart by monitoring your Resting heart rate
  • Gauges your oxygen consumption and cardio fitness level
  • Use heart-rate zones to understand the amount of effort you are putting in
  • Guided breathing helps reduce stress

The PurePulse system uses green light pulses to check your pulse. Blood absorbs green light and the amount of green light absorbed is monitored but the Ionic (and other Fitbit equipment) and the results used to work out your heart rate.

Smart Track

SmartTrack uses a 3-axis accelerometer to determine the movement patterns and intensity and uses them, via a set of algorithms to work out which type of activity you’re doing.

SmartTrack currently recognizes seven distinct activities:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Aerobic Workouts (like cardio kickboxing & dance)
  • Elliptical
  • Outdoor Bike
  • Sports (Like tennis, football, & basketball)
  • Swimming  (only on Fitbit Flex2 & Ionic).

Sleep Stages and Insights

The amount and quality of sleep we get has a huge influence on our health. The ability to track your sleep simply by wearing a wrist-worn tracker or watch is a huge leap forward from even 10 years ago.

The combination of heart rate sensor and motion detector allows Fitbit’s algorithms (or indeed, those of other makes of sleep tracking devices) to understand the level of sleep you are getting at each sleep stage (light, REM or deep). This can be displayed in the Fitbit app.

What the Ionic offers in addition

Dynamic Personal Coaching

Start dynamic personal coaching on your wrist with on-screen guidance for every move and routines that adapt based on your feedback.


The Ionic is not just splash-proof but ‘swim-proof’ – (water-resitant to 50m) so you can use it to monitor swimming activity alongside all the others.

Built-in GPS

The Ionic doesn’t rely on being connected wirelessly with your smartphone, but has its own built-in GPS.

Shows real-time pace & distance when out running or cycling, for example.

Stores Music

The Ionic can typically store over 300 songs.

In common with the Blaze, the Ionic can also control music stored on your phone.

Other features of the Fitbit Ionic

  • Long battery life – Up to 4 days or more on a single charge.
  • Popular apps – (check the weather)
  • Smart notifications – get important messages as they come in.
  • Contactless payments – Didn’t bring your wallet on your jog? You can still stop for coffee!
  • Scratch-proof hi-res screen with bright graphics.
  • Different, easily-swappable straps available.
  • The Ionic is made of aerospace grade aluminium
  • 3 colour combinations available:
    • Charcoal & Smoke Grey
    • Slate blue & Burnt orange
    • Blue-grey & SIlver-grey

The Fitbit Ionic isn’t cheap – it’s the top of the Fitbit range – but it’s bound to be popular and, with Christmas creeping up on us, it would make a great gift.

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Charcoal & Slate Grey

Slate blue & Burnt orange

Blue-grey & Silver-grey