Ideal Mothers Day Gifts for fitness and health

You love your Mum and you want to show your appreciation for all she’d done for you through your life.
But you also would like her to stay healthy in body and mind for as long as possible. (And, of course, all of this goes for your Dad on Father’s Day too).

We all know that the one thing which positively affects all aspects of our health is staying active.
So why not make the most of Mother’s Day by helping her stay fit with a fitness-based gift?

Whether it’s a recumbent exercise bike, a fitness-tracker, or just a yoga dvd, there are no end of possibilities for presents in the fitness realm and you don’t have to be in the first flush of youth to make good use of them.

Exercise Machines

In theory, there’s no reason why any machine can’t be used by anyone of any age but, for those over 70, or people who are in less than perfect health, there may be some compromises which point more to some machines than others.

For example, a recumbent exercise bike may suit some people more than an upright bike. (For a comparison, click here).

An exercise bike or cross-trainer may be a little kinder on the knees so a treadmill is unlikely to the the first choice unless you’re already a keen jogger.

Rowing machines are a good all-round machine for those who are already reasonably fit and flexible and can help strengthen the back which helps maintain a good posture.

For those, particularly women, who are concerned about osteoporosis, vibration trainers are known to help, whether they are the full size type or a mini-one which consists of the base without the surrounding frame.


Maintaining strength as we get older is also very important as muscle loss is one of the things we most associate with age.
Using weights is the obvious way of doing this and weight-bearing exercise is another way to reduce the effects of osteoporosis.

Using ‘free’ weights – i.e. not attached to a frame – is the cheapest way but some care is necessary as they don’t have the built-in safety of machine-based weights.

Nonetheless, they can still be safe if used wisely.

Check out the DTX Fitness Soft Touch Dumbells

or the coloured neoprene covered JLL® Kettlebells.

Activity trackers

It’s been shown that the most important way to stay healthy is to remain active. If you don’t play sports, or jog, or go to the gym, walking is still good. Even walking around the house and avoiding too much sitting is important. So the first step to maintaining fitness for those people is monitoring your overall activity.

Fortunately, there are activity trackers for all budgets and in lots of styles.

The biggest name in this field is Fitbit and you can check out their models in this article.

Yoga and Pilates

Lady with swiss ball

For some, the mere mention of a gym, or the type of activity that we associate with a gym is enough to turn them off, but other healthy activities such as yoga or Pilates is an attractive option.

There are plenty of yoga or pilates based gifts – see my recommendations for some of them below:

There are also a whole host of Pilates and Yoga DVDs. Here are just some suggestions:

Fitness For The Over 50’s – Box Set (3 DVD)

Pilates for Over 50s [DVD]

Yoga Over 50 [DVD] [2013]

Fitness clothing

Finally, there’s a whole category of fitness gifts in the clothing line.

For suggestions, you could take a look at the ‘Most Gifted’ or ‘Most wished for’ lists in fitness clothing.


I hope you’ll agree there’s a huge range of possibilities for gifts for Mother’s Day at all price ranges and for all fitness levels.

So why not give her a great gift that may also be beneficial to her long term health?

Use a link on this site to some of the great deals and you’ll probably save enough to buy her a bouquet of flowers as well!

To all mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

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